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Friday, March 6

8:30am PST

10:45am PST

Size Acceptance Caucus Networking Meeting Caucus SuiteLeslie C. Bautista Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive Justice: Re-tracing boundaries of access and identity OregonMindy Erchull- University of Mary Washington • Emily Breitkopf • Joan Chrisler- Connecticut College • Michele Goodwin • Richard Knight • Charlotte J. Patterson • Bernadette V. Blanchfield- University of Virginia Incarcerated Women’s Pathways to and Experiences within the Criminal Justice System Gold Rush BClare Mehta • Michelle Schultz- Wright State University • Joanne Belknap • Chris DeCou • Dana DeHart • Gina Fedock • Shannon Lynch • Dawn M. Salgado Film Festival - Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights A film by Nevline Nnaji Arizona Angela Davis Book Signing Emerald A feminist exploration of facilitator and participant responses to a course in mindful eating NevadaRebekah Smart- CSU Fullerton • Yuying Tsong- CSU Fullerton Acts of Political Warfare: Black Women’s Mental Health & Well-Being Monterey/CarmelJameta Barlow- Towson University African American Girls’ Reflections on Mentoring Relationships at a Girl Serving Agency Monterey/CarmelBritney Brinkman- Chatham University • Emily Russell- Chatham University • Lauren Manning- Chatham University • Monica Thornhill- Chatham University Does awareness breed contempt?: Self-consciousness, social comparison, and mindfulness as mediators between self-discrepancies and body satisfaction NevadaKimberly Smirles- Emmanuel College • Caitlin Ferguson • Rouba Youssef- University of Rhode Island Listening to African American women’s experiences of trauma and community Monterey/CarmelElizabeth Brown- Duquesne University • Lori Koelsch- Duquesne University • Susan Goldberg- Duquesne University Loving “real” women: The effects of viewing thin vs. “plus-sized” models on body satisfaction and anti-fat bias NevadaKimberly Smirles- Emmanuel College • Linda Lin- Emmanuel College Narratives of Bisexual Adults: Retrospective Experiences as Youth and Involvement in Queer Spaces WashingtonKimm Topping- Lesley University Rape resistance: A critical piece of women’s empowerment and holistic rape prevention WashingtonSarah Ullman Repairing Relationships With Our Bodies: Reducing Risks After Exposure to Weight-based Stigma WashingtonMelissa Simone- Utah State University Understanding Context: Benefit of Female Empowerment Group in Community Corrections WashingtonMichelle Schultz- Wright State University • Nicole Linen- Wright State University “I feel so fat”: The relationship between close friend’s negative body talk and women’s body image NevadaLinda Lin- Emmanuel College • Meghann Soby- Emmanuel College • Victoria Kachinski- Emmanuel College Academic Delay of Gratification in Female College Students: Implications for Academic Functioning RedwoodElizabeth Baxter • Helen MacDonald An Intervention to Reduce Fat Stigma in American College Students RedwoodJoan Chrisler- Connecticut College • Erica Stockwell-Alpert And Girls too: The presence, issues and reintegration of female child soldiers RedwoodG. Nicole Rider- Howard University • Lauren McGhee- Howard University Barriers to Success: An Examination of the Relationship Between Stereotype Threat and the Impostor Phenomenon Based on Women’s Solo Status RedwoodJessica Newton- Connecticut College • Joan Chrisler- Connecticut College Child Sexual Victimization as a Predictor of Sexual Assertiveness and Relationship Quality among At-Risk Females RedwoodDanielle Hill- University of Rhode Island • Janan Wyatt- University of Rhode Island • Joseph Rossi- University of Rhode Island • Lyn Stein- University of Rhode Island • Mary Clair- University of Rhode Island • Molly Magill- Brown University Gender Stereotyped Traits of Female and Male Characters in Children’s Popular Culture: A Content Analysis Study RedwoodSarah Murnen- Kenyon College Life after Basketball: An Exploratory Study of the Impact of College Sport Participation after Graduation RedwoodCorinn Waltrip- Western Washington University • Deborah Forgays- Western Washington University Race-Related stress and its relationship to obesity risk behaviors for emerging adult Black American women RedwoodBuffie Longmire-Avital- Elon University • Chelsea McQueen- Elon University Real World of High Risk Teen Girls: The Role of Family Support in DBT RedwoodChristina Byrne- Western Washington University • Deborah Forgays- Western Washington University • Jessica Norman- Western Washington University • Seneca Erwin- Western Washington University • Tina Du Rocher Schudlich- Western Washington University The Super Girl Dichotomy: Strength and Sadness in Black Girlhood RedwoodNatalie Mendes- Ithaca College • Nia Makepeace- Ithaca College • Angelique Hudson 'Black Men Teaching': Recruiting African-American Males into Education Gold Rush ATerrance Hudson- Indiana University of PA 'Your client said what!?” Supervisor-supervisee responses to client micro-aggressions Gold Rush ARadhika Sehgal- University of Idaho • Blanca Caro- Washington State University • Nahal Kaivan- Washington State University A Feminist-Multicultural Approach to Restoring Training Experiences for Women of Color Psychology Graduate Students Gold Rush AMarina Valdez- Reed College • Diana Peña Building Restorative Justice in the Education Continuum and Latin@ Leadership Gold Rush AHeather Manchester- RJOY • Sara Salazar Learning in the Context of Community: Peer Educators Engage in Social Action and Restorative Justice Work Gold Rush AElizabeth Abrams • Marilyn Chung • Joel Hutchinson- UC Davis • Lexie Adams- UC Davis • Mary Young- UC Davis • Michelle Burt- UC Davis • Sensze Yang- UC Davis • Trevor Lynn- UC Davis Masculinity collaborating with feminism to promote gender equality. Gold Rush AErnesto Alonso • Manijeh Badiee • Bryan Sanchez Moving from White to Multi: The Process of Creating a Diverse Training Agency Gold Rush AJane Ariel • Elsa Johnson • Janet Linder • Elena Moser • Lili Shidlovski • Valory MItchell- CSPP at Alliant International University The Costs and Benefits of Addressing Microaggressions in Academic Spaces Gold Rush ACourtney Payne- Southern Illinois University • Elom Amuzu- Southern Illinois University • Katherine Fishman- Southern Illinois University • Simone Roby- Southern Illinois University Promising Practices in Working with Latinas: Innovation, Community, and Technology CaliforniaKim Baranowski- Teachers College- Columbia • Evelyn Segura-Malady

12:00pm PST

1:05pm PST

Jewish Women's Caucus Award For Scholarship - 2014 Award Recipient-- Hope into Practice, Jewish women choosing justice despite our fears CaliforniaPenny Rosenwasser Social Class Caucus Networking Meeting Caucus SuiteMaureen McHugh- IUP • Mary Burke - Carlow University Film Festival - The Grey Area: Feminism Behind BarsA film by Noga Ashkenazi Arizona A pilot intervention to promote psychosocial health and empowerment among female commercial sex workers in Kathmandu, Nepal: Program feasibility and impact on peer educators RedwoodEmily Holcomb- Colorado State University • Lauren Menger- Colorado State University • Lorann Stallones- Colorado State University Experiences of Microaggressions in the Lives of Student Women of Color RedwoodKneia Dacosta- Ursinus College • Yusra Aziz- Ursinus College • Ornella Nooks Female Psychologists and the Restorative Justice Process RedwoodKathleen Trotta- Regent University Gathering the Campus Community: A Collective Response to Violence RedwoodMcCall Izatt • Marielle Hovsepian-Kelly- Women's Resource Center- University of Utah • Nandi Magadla- Women's Resource Center- University of Utah Group Art Therapy with Juvenile Offenders RedwoodKathryn King • Jennifer Harrison- Notre Dame De Namur University Racializing Embodiment of Female Immigrants RedwoodEvelina Blodgett- Pacifica Graduate Institute Reporting sexual violence on campus: Restorative Justice as friend or foe? RedwoodHeike Mitchell • Ingrid Weigold Restorative Justice and Compassion-Based Practices with Inmates RedwoodJuliet Rohde-Brown- Pacifica Graduate Institute The Impact of Stereotypes and Microaggressions on Mental Health of Ethnicity RedwoodManijeh Badiee • Theresa Strand- DREAMTeam • Zuleyma Mendez- DREAMTeam Understanding Latina Experience of Discrimination: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches RedwoodNatalia Davila • Pamela Dominguez • Fernando Gutierrez • Alejandra Marquez • Cinthia Sierra • Donna Castaneda- San Diego State University-IV Building and Maintaining Multicultural Feminist Research Support Communities Gold Rush AM. Candace Christensen • Alexis Arczynski- University of Tennessee Knoxville Creating Space and Boundaries: Lessons on Feminist Mentoring from Feminist Mentors Gold Rush AJessica Henderson Daniel- • Katie Edwards- University of New Hampshire • Maureen McHugh- IU • Clare Mehta • Irene Frieze- University of Pittsburgh • Isis Settles Diversity Training and Multicultural Competence: Moving from Shame and Blame to Real Change Gold Rush AGlenda Russel- University of Colorado • Andrea Iglesias- University of Virginia Faculty Leadership: Challenges and Strategies Gold Rush ANicole Buchanan • Kimberly Smirles- Emmanuel College • Linda Lin- Emmanuel College Restorative Practice Applications in Multicultural Training Gold Rush AAna Ganhao- JFK University • Hayley Dawson- JFK University • Jill Miller- JFK University • Kayoko Yokoyama- JFK University • Manmeet Rattu- JFK University • Sukie Magraw- JFK University Succeeding in Graduate School While Failing at Being a 'Good” Minority Gold Rush ARadhika Sehgal- University of Idaho • Blanca Caro- Washington State University • Nahal Kaivan- Washington State University Supporting ourselves and each other: First generation, low-income, and women of color graduate student’s experiences Gold Rush AChristine Brown- UC Santa Cruz • Christy Starr- UC Santa Cruz • sona Kaur- UC Santa Cruz Walking the Line: On Feminism within a Patriarchal Culture Gold Rush ALeslie C. Bautista • Talee Vang- University of Saint Thomas A New Look at Women's Objectification: Christianity, Social Media, and Sisterhood OregonHeather Moore- CSPP at Alliant International University • Jennifer Foster- CSPP at Alliant International University • Kaitlyn Nichols- CSPP at Alliant International University • Sue Kuba- CSPP at Alliant International University • Valory MItchell- CSPP at Alliant International University Engaging the Community on the Reality of Violence: Building Grassroots support for Restorative Justice NevadaCamille Interligi- Indiana University of PA • Pearl Berman- Indiana University of PA • Rachel LeMay- Indiana University of PA Gendered Journeys: Women, Migration & Feminist Psychology Gold Rush BDanielle Quintero- University of Missouri - Columbia • Andrea Dottolo • Diya Kallivayalil- Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School • Oliva Espin- San Diego State University Responding to Disability Microaggressions: A Programmatic Approach WashingtonBetsy Basch- University of Illinois Bisexuality & Sexual Diversity Caucus Networking Meeting Wellness SuiteOlga Amador • Amorie Robinson • LeLaina Romero • Kimberly Sommers

2:25pm PST

Distinguished Publication Award: Qualitative researching into the future: Reflecting forwards, backwards and sideways Gold Rush BCarla Golden • Virginia Braun Older Women's Caucus Networking Meeting Caucus SuiteRebekah Smart- CSU Fullerton Publishing Your Work EmeraldJeanne Marecek - Swarthmore College • Joan Chrisler- Connecticut College • Clare Mehta • Irene Frieze- University of Pittsburgh • Isis Settles Film Festival - Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower A film by Roxana Walker-Canton Arizona Imp Sponsored: White Women Unlearning Racism OregonGili Goldfrad- University of Hartford • Kathy McCloskey- University of Hartford • Melissa Henry- University of Hartford • Laura Streckfus- 'Coming out' as queer: A thematic analysis approach exploring outness as a relevant construct for queer-identified individuals. RedwoodDanielle Ogden- West Chester University • Daniel Soltis- West Chester University • Patrick Graham- West Chester University Career Counseling with Transgender Clients: Cultivating Resilience RedwoodRevae Hitt- San Francisco State University Experiences of LGBT Microaggressions in the Workplace: Implications for Policy RedwoodCourtney Resnick- University of San Francisco • Paz Galupo- Towson University Finding and Developing a Feminist Mentorship: Discussion Points for Mentors and Mentees Gold Rush ACeleste Kelly • Leanna Papp- University of Mary Washington Justice for TransWomen: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the “Trans Panic” Defense RedwoodLindsey Davis- John Jay College LGB Client Experiences and Therapeutic Practice with Sexual Minorities: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis RedwoodRebecca Goettsche- Pacifica Graduate Institute Mental Health Professionals’ Experience of working with Hmong GLBT individuals and their Identity Development RedwoodJoann Yang- CSU- Fullerton Separate tables, same sentiment: Lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual women’s benevolent and hostile attitudes toward men. RedwoodBritney Wardecker- University of Michigan • Jes Matsick- University of Michigan • Terri Conley- University of Michigan Sexual Satisfaction In Male-to-Female Trans Individuals RedwoodGreg Mendelson- CSPP at Alliant International University Subculture Within A Subculture: Women of Color in Bay Area in the Fetish Lifestyle! A Spectrum of Gender Orientations and Divergent Interests RedwoodApril Chartrand- SFSU Department of Counseling “Love Thy Neighbors” (But Not if They’re Gay): Gender and Religiosity in Heterosexist Prejudice RedwoodZachary Kunicki- University of Rhode Island • Jessica Suckle-Nelson- Southern CT State University Advocating for Action: Psychology and Ferguson Gold Rush ACaitlin Wood- Southern Illinois University • Courtney Payne- Southern Illinois University • Marilyn Chung- Southern Illinois University Community-Based Research to Empower a Community Gold Rush AEvelyn Ayala • Manijeh Badiee • Monica Cuevas Encouraging Activism and Social Change Gold Rush AAlexis Arczynski- University of Tennessee Knoxville • Whitney Hagen- Florida Atlantic University Feminism across the lifespan: Planning for AWP 2016 Gold Rush ABritney Brinkman- Chatham University • Deanna Hamiton- Chatham University • Keely Hirsch- Chatham University • Lori Koelsch- Duquesne University How to be social change agents as counseling psychologists: Future directions and goals Gold Rush AAngela Kim- CSPP Alliant International University • Janie Pinterits- CSPP Alliant International University • Yuki Okubo- CSPP Alliant International University Giving Voice to The Victim: Consent and Rape Culture in Popular Media NevadaClaire Capozzi- University of Hartford • Shadia Siliman- Indiana University Lesbians in long-term intact and dissolved relationships reflect on legal status CaliforniaEsther Rothblum- San Diego State University • Jen Clark- Palo Alto University • Kimberly Balsam- Palo Alto University From Ferguson to Gaza: Restorative Justice, Feminism and Beyond Monterey/CarmelArlene Dallalfar- Lesley University • Dalia Llera- Lesley University • Eleanor Roffman- Lesley University • Rakhshanda Saleem- Lesley University Tales from the Academic Plantation: Women of color challenge oppression in the academy WashingtonBeverly Greene- St John's University • Frances Trotman- Monmouth University

3:45pm PST

Student Prize For Research on Women and Gender Monterey/CarmelMargo Gregor • Haley Miles-McLean AWP Business Meeting Wellness SuiteDiane Hall- Center for Disease Control • LeLaina Romero But You Look Just Fine: Experiences of Ableism by People with Invisible Disabilities WashingtonShanna Kattari- University of Denver Preventing school violence: Comparing policies in Sweden (Gothenburg) and US (Oakland) WashingtonSofia Wikman- Royal Institute of Technology- Department of Philosophy • Carina Gallo- Lund University • Moa Lundgren- Gothenburg University Reasonable Accommodations in Assessment Courses to reduce Barriers for Blind Graduate Students WashingtonMegan Carlos- Argosy University • Rhoda Olkin- CSPP at Alliant International University Bystander Behaviors and Attitudes in College Students Before and After Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training RedwoodJoan Chrisler- Connecticut College • Julia Cristofano- Connecticut College Healing trauma through ritual: The power of women-centered support groups in the transformation of wholeness and empowerment in abused women RedwoodDeAna Gray- Argosy University • Sheena Glover- Argosy University Promoting Transcendence: An Ecological-Womanist Approach to Understanding Religiosity as a Protective Factor Against Adverse Mental Health Outcomes Among Ethnically Diverse Survivors of Sexual Victimization RedwoodAnnie Varvaryan- Pepperdine University • Carissa Gustafson- Pepperdine University • Thema Bryant-Davis- Pepperdine University • Tyonna Adams- Pepperdine University Resisting Hegemonic Femininity: heterosexuality, whiteness, and gender roles RedwoodRebecca Von Oepen • Mrinal Sinha Restoring Survivors with Psychological Outcomes in Ethnically-Diverse Sexually Victimized Females RedwoodAnnie Varvaryan- Pepperdine University • Carissa Gustafson- Pepperdine University • Tyonna Adams- Pepperdine University Self-objectification and Social Functioning in Close Relationships: Body Shame as a Predictor of Social Intimacy and Loneliness RedwoodAilish Barry- Roger Williams University • Alison Slaughter- Roger Williams University • Arianna Drummy- Roger Williams University • Kelly Brooks- Roger Williams University The Enemy Among Us: The role of sexual assault and PTSD among female U.S. veterans. RedwoodEileen Zurbriggen- University of California- Santa Cruz • Eric Larson • Christy Starr The perception of aggression in women across ethnic groups RedwoodAvivah McDade- John F. Kennedy University The Role of Gendered Dating Scripts on Beliefs about Love, Romance, and Monogamy RedwoodAmy Moors- University of Michigan Victim Blaming: Minimization of Unwanted Sexual Experiences Among College Students RedwoodJenna Moschetto- Palo Alto University • Teceta Tormala- Palo Alto University Creating A New Direction Towards Healing with Art and Advocacy for Adolescent Victims and Survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Gold Rush ASerena Martinez-Coleman- Notre Dame de Namur University Fulfilling the promise; AWP at the united nations. Gold Rush AJanice Waters- Borough of Manhattan Community College • Maram Hallak- Borough of Manhattan Community College • NgaPing Lam • Diagou Regina Sissoko Goddesses of Mercy and Strength: A Conversation about the Restorative Images that Guide Doctoral Students Gold Rush AJuliet Rohde-Brown- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Oksana Yakushko- Pacifica Graduate Institute Hurt People Hurt People: Courageous Conversations for Jews about Israel-Palestine, including the 2014 Gaza War Gold Rush APenny Rosenwasser International Students: Barriers, supports, growth and development Gold Rush ASneha Pitre- Cleveland State University Middle Eastern Women and Sexuality Gold Rush ASarah Arango • Jacks Cheng • Negar Morshedian- Teachers College at Columbia Mourning, Transformation, and Growth: Reflections of Immigrant Women Therapists Inside and Outside Clinical Space Gold Rush AEvelina Blodgett • Anna Lomovskaya- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Nadia Khalil Thalji Thalji- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Oksana Yakushko- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Yasaman Mostajeran- Pacifica Graduate Institute Restoring agency and maintaining the family: Moving from Mandated Reporting to Therapeutic Reporting Gold Rush AAja Trotter Feminist interventions and restorative justice: Research, reflexivity, therapy and performance Gold Rush BSarah Tillery- Portland Community College • Andrea Dottolo • Krizia Puig- Universidad del Salvador • Oliva Espin- San Diego State University Lesbians Should Take the Lead in Removing the Stigma Associated With Body Weight CaliforniaMaureen McHugh- IUP • Natalie Ingraham- Lyon-Martin Health Services • Christine Smith • Esther Rothblum- San Diego State University • Michelle Eliason- San Francisco State University Peacekeeping circles: A unique method in counseling training and supervision OregonMindi Thompson- University of Wisconsin Madison • Mun Yuk Chin- University of Wisconsin Madison That’s déclassé!: Recognizing class bias in cross-class interactions NevadaAndrea Poet- Indiana University of PA Film Festival - Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation A film by Jennifer Lee Arizona

5:00pm PST

6:00pm PST


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