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Saturday, March 7

8:30am PST

8:45am PST

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10:45am PST

Women of Color Psychologies Award: Adolescent Gender-related Abuse, Androphilia, and HIV Risk Among Transfeminine People of Color in New York City NevadaSel J. Hwahng • Larry Nuttbrock, National Development and Research Institutes Inc Student Caucus Networking Meeting Caucus SuiteAliya Khan- University of Oregon Sexual refusals: On the psychological and political implications of women saying no. Gold Rush BCarla Golden • Mindy Erchull- University of Mary Washington • Breanne Fahs - Arizona State University • Breanne Fahs- Arizona State University • Eric Swank - Arizona State University Film Festival - Private Violence A film directed and produced by Cynthia Hill Arizona A new look at well-being: Assessing positive well-being among lesbians of color WashingtonNardos Bellete- Pepperdine University • Shelly Harrell- Pepperdine University Cognitive flexibility as a predictor of reduced sexism and homophobia Monterey/CarmelJulie Konik- University of Wisconsin - Sheboygan • Christine Smith Gender Socialization Among Hip-Hop Identified Youth: Culturally and Contextually Mindful Programming Monterey/CarmelAlicia Fedewa- University of Kentucky • Ashley Ruderman- University of Kentucky • Della Mosley- University of Kentucky • Whitney Black- University of Kentucky Identity as a Predictor of Psychosocial Well-being in Young Breast Cancer Survivors Monterey/CarmelLianne Trachtenberg- University of Toronto/OISE • Niva Piran- University of Toronto/OISE LGB Experiences in Cross-Orientation Therapeutic Dyads: Discussion & Recommendations for Practice WashingtonRebecca Goettsche- Pacifica Graduate Institute The importance of gender in examining depression and somatic symptoms among Chinese American and European American college students Monterey/CarmelZornitsa Kalibatseva- University of Idaho • Frederick Leong- Michigan State University Voice of the Mind: Heterosexual Male Subjectivity During Sex WashingtonSharon Lamb • Elena Kosterina- University of Massachusetts “Girl’s Like Talking About Serious Things”: Sex Segregation in Lesbian Emerging Adult’s Friendships WashingtonClare Mehta Can Emotional Intelligence, Coping Style, and SPonsorship Predict Sobriety Through a 12-Step Program? RedwoodNicole Johnson- CSPP at Alliant International University Embracing the Mother: The importance of ecopsychology in counseling psychology doctoral training programs for social and restorative justice. RedwoodClark Slagle- Western Oregon University • Jason Waggoner- Western Oregon University Feminism, Relationship Satisfaction, and Communication: Can Feminism and Romance Coexist? RedwoodAlexis Adams-Clark • Joan Chrisler- Connecticut College Getting Men through the Door: Masculinity and Working with a Female Therapist RedwoodNatalie Porter- CSPP at Alliant International University • Sonia Lentz- CSPP at Alliant International University Recent Immigrant Therapists: Lived Experiences, Divergent Voices RedwoodJeff Grant- • Nadia Khalil Thalji Thalji- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Yasaman Mostajeran- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Rodrigo Reyes The Benefits of “Rewriting” Life Events: Counterfactual Trees as a Therapeutic Tool RedwoodMelanie Hll- SUNY New Paltz • Tabitha Holmes- SUNY New Paltz The Experience of Working With Native American Mothers with Postpartum Depression RedwoodMary (Pam) Barnes-Palty- Argosy University Student The Phenomenological Investigation of Women’s Experiences in an Extramarital Affair RedwoodMelissa Depa- Pacifica Graduate Institute Treatment adherence for culturally adapted treatment for Latino adolescents RedwoodAnnika Johnson Gender Roles Within the Context of Violence: How Feminist and Multicultural Psychology Can Inform Practice Gold Rush AMichael Awad • Mariel Buque • Naomi Rayfield- Teachers College • Marie Miville Reclaiming a Stolen Maternal Identity: Restorative Practices for Mothers with Disabilities in the Historical Context of Forced Sterilization Gold Rush AAlette Coble-Temple- JFK University • Kayoko Yokoyama- JFK University • Megan Carlos- Argosy University Social Justice and Duality: Treatment Implications for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Gold Rush AJennifer Forrester- John F. Kennedy University • Marcella Kreysa- John F. Kennedy University Structured discussion: Training feminist therapists to work in correctional settings Gold Rush ABrittany Bak • Kathleen Malloy- Wright State University • LaTrelle Jackson- Wright State University • Michelle Schultz- Wright State University • Nicole Linen- Wright State University • Wendy Dragon- Wright State University • Jessica Virzi Tending the World’s Soul: The Intersection of Depth Psychological and Feminist Approaches to Social Justice Gold Rush AOksana Yakushko- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Shanna Butler- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Tracy Gillette- Pacifica Graduate Institute When the Son Sets: Exploring Mothers’ Loss and Ways of Healing Gold Rush ABrittany Dancy- Howard University • Shareefah Al'Uqdah- Howard University Women and Therapy: Pioneers Gold Rush AClaudia Pitts- National Louis University • Oliva Espin- San Diego State University If These Streets Could Talk: Narrative Intervention with African American Mothers in Psychologically Traumatic Communities CaliforniaDenise Boston Invited Workshop: The Emerging Field of Restorative Justice OregonGary “Malachi” Scott • Sonya Shah

1:05pm PST

Oliva Espin Award for Social Justice Concerns in Feminist Psychology Lecture Gold Rush BAlejandro Morales • Danielle Quintero • Stephanie Rothman • Alison Cerezo- San Francisco State University Researchers' Caucus Networking Meeting Caucus SuiteJessica Barnack-Tavlaris - The College of New Jersey • Irene Frieze- University of Pittsburgh Women of Color Caucus Networking Meeting Wellness SuiteCat Thompson - UCSD Film Festival - Double Feature - Maestra & Slaying the Dragon: Reloaded Arizona Challenging sexuality stereotypes through ambivalent consent episodes NevadaMadeline Brodt • Elena Kosterina • Sharon Lamb Positive Womanist Psychospirituality: Life Principles for Healing, Empowerment, and Wellness NevadaShelly Harrell- Pepperdine University Women in the military: the critical analysis of societal stereotyping and attitude towards female soldiers and veterans NevadaJoanna Dziura- Gallaudet University Culture, Body Size Discrepancy, and Disordered Eating Among Asian American Women RedwoodRebekah Smart- CSU Fullerton • Yuying Tsong- CSU Fullerton Disability and Multiple Sclerosis: Stigma, Outness, and Links with Psychological Well-Being RedwoodAaron Breslow • Jessica Esposito- Teachers College • Riddhi Sandil- Teachers College • Aaron Foster • Elizabeth Geiger- Teachers College- Columbia Uni Experiencing Microaggressions: Women with Apparent and Nonapparent Disabilities RedwoodGoldie VanHeel- CSPP at Alliant International University • Melody Schaff- CSPP at Alliant International University • Rhoda Olkin- CSPP at Alliant International University Food Allergies Summer Camp RedwoodAlette Coble-Temple- John F. Kennedy University • Loretta Markus- John F. Kennedy University Gender and Psychiatric Drug Prescriptions among Intellectually Disabled Individuals RedwoodAlisha Young- Community Health Resources Manchester • Vincent Covino- State of CT Dept. of Developmental Services • Jessica Suckle-Nelson- Southern CT State University • William Sherman- Southern Connecticut State University • Javier Salabarria- Masonicare Health Center Wallingford Gendering revolt: Understanding women's constructions of 'dirty' and 'disgusting' bodies RedwoodNatali Blazevic- Arizona State University Moving Disability from the Margins: The Representation of Disability in Psychology of Women Textbooks RedwoodCorrine Bertram- Shippensburg University Problematizing (the lack of) eating disorders research exploring diversity: A critical review RedwoodAlicia Harlow- The Sage Colleges • Autumn Malone- The Sage Colleges • Devon Quackenbush- The Sage Colleges • Kelsey Lindsey- The Sage Colleges • Whitney Griffin- The Sage Colleges • Ashley Palandra- University of British Columbia Subcultured, Racialized, and Marginalized: The Thing that Binds you! LGBTQQII Women of Color RedwoodApril Chartrand- SFSU Department of Counseling The Mediating Effects of Objectified Body Consciousness On Personality and Disordered Eating Attitudes RedwoodGayle Bessenoff- Southern Connecticut State University • Jacqueline Bushey- Southern CT State University Beyond Ferguson, MO: Giving voice to Black female victims of murder and other atrocities Gold Rush AEve Lorane Brown • Hollie Jones- Medgar Evers College/CUNY Bringing Awareness to Abuse Within the Disability Community Gold Rush ALyndsay Colvin- Wright State University • Jessica Williams- Wright State Univieristy • Julie Williams- Wright State Univieristy Gender and Sexuality Diversity at AWP Gold Rush AAmorie Robinson • LeLaina Romero • Kimberly Sommers In Search of Justice: Exploring Restorative Justice, Survivor-Centric, and Culturally Informed Responses to Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Gold Rush ACourtney Ahrens • Diane Hall • Thema Bryant-Davis- Pepperdine University Re-Imagining Multimedia Project: Transformative and Restorative Justice as Alternative Responses to Gender Violence Gold Rush AAhjane Billingsley- University of Miami Restorative Justice for Sexual Assault on College Campuses: When Universities Don’t Do Enough Gold Rush AKari Keller- Texas A&M SCS • Katie Mahan- Texas A&M Unviersity SCS The Clery Act and Confidentiality: What is Best for Sexual Assault Victims? Gold Rush AAaron Cortez- Cal Poly Pomona • Christian Murillo- Cal Poly Pomona • Erika DeJonghe- Cal Poly Pomona • Isabela Perez- Cal Poly Pomona When Beauty Becomes the Beast: Myths, Realities and Implications of Perceived Physical Attractiveness Gold Rush AMaram Hallak- Borough of Manhattan Community College • Anna-Lena Jonsson-Cohen • NgaPing Lam • Diagou Regina Sissoko • Janice Walters Current Trends in Research on Bisexuality WashingtonSharon Horne • Tania Israel • Danielle Rosenkrantz- University of Kentucky • Tangela Roberts First Generation Immigrant Therapists: Transformation, Resistance, and Personal Growth CaliforniaEvelina Blodgett- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Nadia Khalil Thalji Thalji- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Oksana Yakushko- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Yasaman Mostajeran- Pacifica Graduate Institute Mass Marketing of Medical Approaches to Women's Bodies CrystalJoan Chrisler- Connecticut College • Maureen McHugh- IUP • Leonore Tiefer- NYU School of Medicine • Alexandra Weis- Indiana University of PA Race, Rape, Revelation, and Selfies: Campus, Cinematic, and Online Feminist Community Responses EmeraldAmber Gipson- University of Hartford • Brice Werner- University of Hartford • Mala Matacin- University of Hartford • Marissa Lawrence- University of Hartford A Conversation about Empowering Clients Living with Physical Disabilities & Chronic Illnesses: Learning Lessons from a Feminist Clinical Practice, Personal Experiences, & Kafer's Relational/Social Model of Disability... OregonSusie Kisber- UC Davis SHCS Story-Telling and Meaning Making: An Integrative Approach Toward Social Justice Agendas Monterey/CarmelDanielle Quintero- University of Missouri Madison • Laura Minero- University of Wisconsin Madison

2:25pm PST

Distinguished Publication Award: Psychiatry Under the Influence Gold Rush BMary Hayden • Emily Wheeler- University of Massachusetts-Boston • Lisa Cosgrove- University of Massachusetts-Boston Early Career Caucus Networking Meeting Caucus SuiteClare Mehta Film Festival - Casablanca Calling A film by Rosa Rogers Arizona Compassionate Feminism: Feminism Precedes Compassion RedwoodKhashayar Farhadi Langroudi- ASPP at Argosy University San Francisco Effect of Pregnancy on Evaluations and Employment of Male and Female Job Candidates RedwoodNatalie Porter- CSPP at Alliant International University • Rachel Brosamle- CSPP at Alliant International University How Far Have We Come, ‘Baby’? Gender and Age Effects on Stereotyping RedwoodBeckon Digaetano- Southern Connecticut State University • Jessica Suckle-Nelson- Southern CT State University • Kate DeMartino- Southern Connecticut State University Increasing Job satisfaction of Women Engineers with a Work-Family Enrichment Perspective RedwoodHang-Shim Lee- Oklahoma State University Pretending Orgasm and Sexual Satisfaction for Women RedwoodChelsea Bridges- NMSU Should I even be here?: Impostorism and persistence attitudes in STEM women doctoral students RedwoodKaren Tao- University of Utah Social justice identity as experienced by feminist multicultural-trained counselors Redwood The impact of gender role conformity on alcohol use among emerging adults in Canada RedwoodJulia Hussman • Abby Goldstein The Motherhood Penalty: Still Applied by Some University Students RedwoodAlynn Gordon- Kent State University • Hilary Lips- Radford University The Role of Intimate Relationships in Women’s and Men’s Persistence in Science and Engineering RedwoodMaddie Gallegos • Jaclyn Menendez • Bernadette Pivarunas- • PJ Ricketson • Brittany Bloodhart- Colorado State University • Silvia Sara Canetto- Colorado State University • Emily Ward Women's Leadership Symposium: A Mixed Methods Assessment of Psychological Empowerment RedwoodCandice Robbins- Governors State University • Mazna Patka- Governors State University Girls of Color and Vulnerability in Sex Ed Classrooms: A Discussion Gold Rush ASharon Lamb- • Renee Randazzo • Tangela Roberts Inclusive, Incomplete, or In-between: Exploring the feminist perspective in graduate diversity courses Gold Rush ACindy Marino- Pacific University • Dharmakaya Colgan- Pacific University • Jenais Radabaugh- Pacific University • Michael Christopher- Pacific University Revenge Porn: Another Attempt to Control Women Gold Rush AAngela Barney • Joan Chrisler- Connecticut College Structured Discussion: The different needs of women and girls in the justice system: How can we address gender differences in the needs for protection within the institution for female inmates. Gold Rush AAlette Coble-Temple- John F. Kennedy University • Gretchen Kryss- John F. Kennedy University Talking Feminism: Fear of The “F” Word Gold Rush AAaron Breslow • Jessica Esposito- Teachers College • Elizabeth Geiger- Teachers College- Columbia Uni • Riddhi Sandil- Teachers College- Columbia University Women in Conflict: Exploring the divide between cis-gendered and transgender women Gold Rush AEve Lorane Brown • Hollie Jones- Medgar Evers College/CUNY Encouraging STEM to Bloom: Small Interventions for Girls and Young Women WashingtonKelley Chilson- IUP Department of Psychology • Laurie Roehrich- IUP Department of Psychology • Sarah Pritt- IUP Department of Psychology • Sofia Alvarez- IUP Department of Psychology La Unión Hace la Fuerza (Together We Can): Double Jeopardy in the Latino Community: -- Women and Undocumented Youth Seeking College Education CaliforniaAna Plasencia-CSPP at Alliant International University • Esmeralda Zamudio- CSPP at Alliant International University • Sue Kuba- CSPP at Alliant International University • Valory MItchell- CSPP at Alliant International University Sowing SEEDs of Recovery: The Role of Social and Community Supports in Promoting Women’s Recovery from Trauma and Substance Abuse NevadaEllen Haynes- University of New Hampshire • Katie Edwards- University of New Hampshire • Kelly Palmer- University of New Hampshire • Tina Cannon- University of New Hampshire The Be Present Empowerment Model® and Restorative Justice Monterey/CarmelClare Holzman- Be Present- Inc. • Or Rabinowiz- Planting Justice • Sheila Mitchell • Lynn Paltrow- National Advocates for Pregnant Women Understanding the Racialization of Gender: Latina/os, education, and social justice CrystalKarina Cervantez- UC Santa Cruz • Ruby Hernandez- UC Santa Cruz • Aida Hurtado • Mrinal Sinha Yes Means Yes: An Alternative Approach to Sexual Assault Prevention Education EmeraldOlga Amador • Manijeh Badiee • Nora Muongpruan • Diana Robinson

3:45pm PST

Missing from the dialogue: Why such resistance to rape resistance? NevadaJocelyn A. Hollander- University of Oregon • Sarah E. Ullman • Charlene Y. Senn- University of Windsor • Karen L. Hobden- University of Windsor Film Festival - I am a Girl A Film by Rebecca Barry Arizona A revolutionary moment: women's liberation in the late 1960s and early 1970s Gold Rush BJoan Chrisler- Connecticut College • Maureen McHugh- IUP • Leonore Tiefer- NYU School of Medicine • Irene Frieze- University of Pittsburgh • Suzanna Rose- Florida International Universi All Caucus Raucous Caucus SuiteKaren Tao- University of Utah A Review of Screening Tools Used within the Healthcare Field to Detect Intimate Partner Violence OregonDeidre Hussey- University of Hartford Do College Students Feel Unsafe on Campus or at Home? And If So, Which Ones? OregonChristine MacDonald- Indiana State Univeristy • Bridget Roberts-Pittman- Indiana State University Empowerment, Sexiness and Violence Against Women in the Age of Postfeminism CaliforniaKathryn Frazier- Clark University Examining Intimate Partner Violence in Kenya OregonTameka Gillum- University of Massachusetts Feminist Liberation Psychology, Wicked Questions, & Forum Theatre: Implications for Transformative Restorative Justice Praxis CaliforniaColleen MacQuarrie- UPEI Intersecting Identities: Promoting Social Justice Within & Beyond the Supervisory Relationship EmeraldColeen Williams- University of Hartford LGBTQ Millennials: Identity Formation and School Context WashingtonBrenda L. Seery • Mary Crowley- Binghamton University My Lover, My Assailant: Intimate Partner Homicide Perpetrators OregonBlanca Caro- Washington State University Reduced Access to Gender Affirmation is Associated with Increased Drug, Alcohol, and Hormone Abuse among Transgender Women WashingtonJesse Fletcher- Friends Research Institute • Jae Sevelius- UCSF Restorative Justice in Accreditation: An Alternative for Accrediting Programs in Master’s Level Counseling Programs EmeraldJeanne Stanley- Watershed Counseling • Theodore Burnes- Antioch University Restorative Justice through Feminist Pedagogy: Exploring Strategies for Teaching Future Criminal Justice Professionals at Bronx Community College EmeraldBrandi Rima • Crystal Rodriguez Slut-Shaming: Do Social Class or Clothing Make It More Acceptable? CaliforniaHester Godfrey • Lauren Waaland-Kreutzer • Leanna Papp- University of Mary Washington • Mindy Erchull- University of Mary Washington • Miriam Liss- University of Mary Washington The passion and pitfalls of implementing restorative justice in post-secondary education EmeraldHeather French • Carina Gallo • Christina Hough • Sara Salazar The Role of Elder Women in preventing the impact of Inter-generational trauma within an Indigenous Community WashingtonJanice Walters The Role of Social Support in Online Groups for Young Adults Who Engage in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury CaliforniaLaurel Brow- CSPP at Alliant International University • Stefanie Smith- CSPP at Alliant International University Broken Lives and Living Memories: Trauma Among Female Lithuanian Survivors of Soviet Political Deportations RedwoodEvelina Blodgett- Pacifica Graduate Institute • Oksana Yakushko- Pacifica Graduate Institute How Parents Process Gender and Violence with Children through Mindfulness RedwoodM. Candace Christensen • Jodi Dunn- Idaho State University • Rachel Wright- Appalachian State University Mediators of Distress Following Sexual Assault RedwoodTherese Bermingham- University of Minnesota Predictors of Tolerant Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence RedwoodTia Carpino- Carleton University School and Community Characteristics Related to Dating Violence Victimization Among High School Youth RedwoodAngela Neal- University of New Hampshire • Katie Edwards- University of New Hampshire Sexual Violence, Coping, and Empowerment Among Chicana/Latina Survivors: A Dissertation Proposal RedwoodDanielle Quintero- University of Missouri The Dynamics of Sexual Victimization of African American Female College Students RedwoodAdrianna Alejandre- Pepperdine University • Anthea Gray- Pepperdine University • Thema Bryant-Davis- Pepperdine University • Tyonna Adams- Pepperdine University The Experience of Filing a Sexual Assault Report After Being Raped: A Report by U.S. Navy Women Veterans RedwoodRachel Vedder- CSPP at Alliant International University Women Who Resort To Violence in Intimate Relationships RedwoodJanine Johnson- School of Professional Psychol • Stephanie Okpara- School of Professional Psychology • Tawanna Howard- School of Professional Psychology • Kathleen Malloy- Wright State University “Role-play”; Hyper-gender ideology and woman’s dating violence perpetration and victimization RedwoodAngela Neal- University of New Hampshire • Chloe Flanagan- University of New Hampshire • Ellen Haynes- University of New Hampshire • Katie Edwards- University of New Hampshire • Kayla Putnam- University of New Hampshire Adjustment for students with disabilities to graduate programs: A dialogue on surmounting procedural difficulties, promoting self-advocacy, and navigating new campus networks. Gold Rush AAmy Stoltzfus - West Chester University • Daniel Soltis- West Chester University • Emily Mercado- West Chester University Cultivating Empowerment as a Predoctoral Intern Gold Rush ASinead Unsworth- UC Davis • Luisa Ladd • Katharine Middendorf- Indiana University • Rich Zamora Finding Balance: Navigating the Tensions Between Feminist Values and Well-Being Gold Rush AEileen Zurbriggen- UC Santa Cruz • Alyssa Zucker- George Washington University Making Place For Women Of Color in the Academe Gold Rush ARiddhi Sandil - Teachers College- Columbia University Navigating the Personal in the Political Realm: Women of Color in Higher Education Positions Gold Rush AAlexandria Gerrick- San Jose State University • Cynthia Medina- San Jose State University • Yu-Ping Huang- San Jose State University Prejudice and Discrimination in Graduate School: A Discussion Gold Rush ADawn Bates- New Mexico State University Restoring Justice for LGBT Communities through Professional Education and Training Gold Rush AAmy Gadeilis- CSPP at Alliant International University • Shawn Giammattei- CSPP at Alliant International University • Sue Kuba- CSPP at Alliant International University The caged bird sings: Exploring the experiences of Black female psychologists in the academy Gold Rush AEve Lorane Brown • Hollie Jones- Medgar Evers College/CUNY Enlivening key concepts in sexuality research: Feminist reconsiderations of choice, empowerment, and satisfaction CrystalSara McClelland- University of Michigan • Deborah Tolman- City University of New York • Kimberly Belmonte- City University of New York • Stephanie Anderson - City University of New York One body, many gazes: Disordered Eating, Relational-Cultural Therapy and Post-Structural Feminist Theory Monterey/CarmelJennifer Vera

7:30pm PST

8:30pm PST


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