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Sunday, March 8

10:05am PDT

Positively Sexy: A Workshop to Encourage Sexual Practices, Preferences, and Decision-Making from a Sex-Positive Approach
A sex-positive approach is one that acknowledges and celebrates the immense cultural diversity in sexual practices while simultaneously recognizing and respecting individual variations in sexual preferences and meanings (Williams, Prior, & Wegner, 2013). This 60-minute workshop will encourage attendees to consider what it means to be sex-positive and how to embody this philosophy in their daily lives. In a safe space, attendees will be encouraged to consider their own sexual practices and explore whether these behaviors are congruent with their ideals. Social, cultural, and media messages about what “good” sex is will be discussed. Workshop attendees will explore how their intersectional identities influence their constructions of “good” sex, as well as their role in their own sexual practice. The androcentric, genital-oriented sexual script will be challenged, as will the notion that certain sexual behaviors belong to particular orientations. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to consider the wide range of activities involved in sexual expression, and explore which of these sexual and relational behaviors are congruent with their identities. Agency and authenticity in one’s own sexual decision making will be emphasized. Barriers to “good” sex, including consent, physical and emotional safety concerns, and communication will be discussed. Workshop attendees will foster a new sense of what “good” sex is for them, and will consider how to attain their ideal level and style of sexual expression. Individuals of all gender identities, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, and ages welcome.

Sunday March 8, 2015 10:05am - 11:20am PDT

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