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Saturday, March 7

10:45am PST

If These Streets Could Talk: Narrative Intervention with African American Mothers in Psychologically Traumatic Communities
Deane Metzger (1992) writes "when it is our own life story that we are telling, we become aware that we are not victims of random and chaotic circumstances, that we, too, despite our grief are living meaningfully in a meaningful universe" (p. 55). This workshop will work to facilitate conversations and teachings about feminist narrative therapy and the possibilities it offers for trauma work. We will explore the importance of storytelling and personal narrative in the lives of African American mothers living in toxic traumatic neighborhoods and interventions used to unearth these narratives. We will discuss the personal and collective narratives produced by mothers who experience chronic violence and loss. This presentation is not only intended to explore the various ways in which narrative plays an important role in the lives and treatment of black mothers who are suffering from PTSD, depression, and grief, but also to spark discussion about how stories work in relationship with restorative justice to provide the optimal means of expression and healing. Narrative conversations about violence and loss are less about the passive suffering of trauma and more about growing invigorating identity stories amid the ongoing transitions that trauma occasions. The role of the narrative therapists is as a collaborator or co-author with the client. The narrative frame involves opening space for the authoring of alternative stories, the possibility of which have been previously silenced by the dominant oppressive narrative which maintains the problem. The collaborative approach of the narrative practitioner can be useful for accessing the mother's spiritual strengths by respectful inquiry into her worldview and its nuances of meaning. Attending this workshop will foster a sense of cultural sensitivity and provide a new way to think about black mothers and trauma, professionally and personally with practical applications and skills to be immediately incorporated. Metzger, D. (1992). Writing for your life: A guide and companion to the inner worlds. Harper Collins Publishers: New York


Saturday March 7, 2015 10:45am - 12:00pm PST
Sunday, March 8

8:30am PDT

Integrating Yoga into Complex Trauma Treatment
In this workshop we will define yoga and discuss how clinicians can use principles of yoga and mindfulness practices in the treatment of complex trauma. We will discuss the connection between yoga, somatic psychotherapy and theories of nervous system dysregulation as they apply to cases of complex, developmental trauma. We will thoroughly explore the risks and rewards of using these tools with traumatized populations and examine the implications of cultural competence when teaching abroad or with special populations. This workshop will provide practical tips on how clinicians can proceed in integrating yoga and mindfulness practices into both individual and group therapeutic treatment models. We begin with discussion and lecture, followed by an experiential yoga practice, debrief and discussion (participants should wear comfortable clothing for movement during the latter part of this session).

Sunday March 8, 2015 8:30am - 9:45am PDT

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