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Gary “Malachi” Scott

Gary “Malachi” Scott … is a 32 year old African American male who works as a Peer Community Liaison and a Restorative Justice Coordinator. During his childhood he resented his poor single parent mother for neglect and allowing one of her boyfriends to physically abuse not only her, but him and his brother, therefore he was disconnected emotionally from his home life. He eventually fell behind in school, started skipping school altogether and by the age of 14 he joined a street gang, who he thought fulfilled his need for acceptance and identity. At the age of 15 he committed homicide and eventually tried as an adult and took a plea bargain for 15 years to life in prison. While incarcerated he began to be overcome with guilt, fear, and anxiety because of all the harm he caused and when betrayal and aggression was displayed towards him by his own gang, he decided to change his lifestyle by disassociating himself from the gang life and engaging in a personal relation with God and education. During his incarceration he achieved an associates degree, co-founded the San Quentin Kid C.A.T. (Creating Awareness Together) program, whose mission is to inspire humanity through education, mentorship and restorative practices, facilitated workshops for youth in the S.Q.U.I.R.E.S. (San Quentin Utilization of Inmate Resources Experiences and Studies) program, and was a steward for the Victim Offender Education Group. 15 years later he was determined not a threat to public safety, found suitable for parole, and released from prison. Since his release from prison, Malachi co-founded the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council, does circle work for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth in Alameda County Juvenile Hall, and facilitate circles of formally incarcerated men for PUEBLO (People United for a Better Life in Oakland).